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Minoxidil, or rogaine as the drug was eventually branded brought upjohn much publicity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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rogaine does not cause any harmful or dangerous side effects, which is another reason why it is a safe, effective product.

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women s rogaine actually has the same formula as the men s products, but in minoxidil percentages and recommended dosages change to accommodate the differences in male and female sensitivity to the drug.

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the rogainesolution essentially widens the blood vessels increasing blood flow through the skin and bringing in more nutrients for the follicles located in the area.

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because it does not reduce the amount of dht or 5-alpha-reductase the enzyme that converts testosterone to dht accumulated around hair follicles, the rate of hair loss soon exceeds hair growth after rogaine is stopped.

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in light of upjohn s then-recent success with rogaine in carving out a 143 million per year market for the treatment of baldness, merck seized the opportunity.

He was dejected and stopped application of rogaine.

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